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              The Retired Law Enforcement Association of Southwest Florida is a Non-Profit Organization registered in the state of Florida.

              Our organization has agreed to raise funds from the general public to help purchase Police K-9 protective vests for law enforcement K-9's in Southwest Florida. This organization has agreed to raise money for these vests, after becoming aware of similar programs nationwide. The goal of this organization is to provide protective bullet and stab resistance vests for all Police K-9's in Southwest Florida that do not already have protective vests.

              We believe the development and safety of Police Canines is essential to the Law Enforcement Profession. A canine team provides the citizens with a number of essential services to include: tracking of dangerous suspects and at risk individuals, violent and/or felony suspect apprehension, narcotics detention and much more. Even more importantly, K-9 teams provide for the safety of our police officers. The Police K-9 does exactly what he/she was trained to do and has no fear completing his/her assignment. We believe that these K-9 Officers and their dogs should be protected.

              We need the help of compassionate and caring citizens such as youself to help provide high quality protective bullet and stab resistance vests for every law enforcement K-9 in Southwest Florida. We would appreciate your support to local law enforcement and these efforts.

              These protective vests are bullet and stab resistance which retail for $1,500 each. They are lightweight which makes them ideal for the warm climate here in Florida. They can be put on or taken off the K-9 in less than a minute and a half. With budget cuts occuring in police departments across the United States, the bullet proof vests for K-9's is one of the first things they cut from their budgets. These budget cuts place the K-9, the K-9 Officer, and citizens at great risk.

              Currently this organization has vested 12 Law Enforcement Agencies in Southwest Florida & 30 K-9 Dogs, totaling $45,000 in protective bullet and stab resistance vests for law enforcement K-9's in Southwest Florida which didn't have them before.

Please help us prevent a law enforcement K-9 tragedy.

Donate whatever you can - thank you.

Make Donations Payable to:

P.O.BOX 494736 PORT CHARLOTTE, FL. 33949-4736


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